• BlueTemplar 6 days ago

    "- If you’re a graduate student, gloomily read through the abstracts, thinking to yourself that you don’t understand papers on the real arXiv any better.

    - If you’re a post-doc, reload until you find something to work on.

    - If you’re a professor, get really excited when a paper claims to solve the hierarchy problem, the little hierarchy problem, the mu problem, and the confinement problem. Then experience profound disappointment.

    - If you’re a famous physicist, keep reloading until you see your name on something, then claim credit for it."


  • dang 6 days ago
  • microcolonel 6 days ago

    Batting four for four, not sure what that means though, because I actually don't know what I'm trying to classify.

  • iamcreasy 5 days ago

    Highest score was 'undergrad'. This thing is rage inducing.

  • nategri 6 days ago

    Took a year of grad level particle physics and I only managed 16/20, haha.

  • p1esk 6 days ago

    I would like something like this for deep learning papers.

  • tanderson92 6 days ago

    That's even easier: https://arxiv.org/